January 24, 2011

Too Cold for Being Outside

Too cold outdoors for any kind of outside activity today - unless it is running from the car to the house.

Temperatures were only in the single digits and when the wind chill is added in - it makes it below 0 degrees.

And doesn't it figure - I have spent the last two days glued to my computer and chair - trying to fix issues that were almost beyond my capabilities.

I really needed to do some walking - my legs get all achy if I don't move them around.

I guess the grocery store will have to be the extent of it.

A small snow storm is predicted for tonight and tomorrow, with temps reaching into the low 20's.

With enough layers, a few walks outside around the house are a doable thing.

I will say though, I have noticed that it now gets dark at 5:00 instead of 4:00.

Longer days - can warmer weather be far away?

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