September 26, 2009

A Fun Game

Many years ago we played an interesting game with our children.

We were talking about how it would be a challenge to feed a family of four a good, filling dinner for only $5.00.

We decided to dedicate Friday nights for this experiment, and we drew numbers to decide the order of who would go first.

The meals had to be healthy - no junk food.

The preparer had to plan, budget, and shop for the meal to compare the prices and get the best deal.

After the meal was finished, we each "graded" it on taste, fullness, and healthyness, and the results were put in a sealed enveloped until we had each had our turn.

The kids loved doing it, and it taught them a lot.

To this day my daughter is quite the grocery shopper - she really gets a lot for her money.

We all really enjoyed planning and doing this "game", and even now we think about it as we plan and prepare meals each week.

Sad thing is though, that $5.00 is awfully hard to stretch into a dinner for four these days!

September 20, 2009

Health Quote by Mark Twain

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

- by Mark Twain

I read this quote and just had to share it.

And I am thinking, it's not only the health books, the internet is full of advice - and not all of it is good or even accurate.

We are constantly bombarded with so much info, but using common sense will go a long way in making decisions about our health.

September 15, 2009

Corn in Season

sweet corn on the cob

The sweet kernels are the popping kind - light and very crunchy.

The corn has been ready in our area for a couple of weeks now, but due to so much rain earlier this summer, the ears were kind of stunted in size.

But that has all changed now that they have had a pretty good August to grow.

It may be later this year, but it is certainly worth waiting for.

The kernels will get meatier and more hardy as the season progresses, but they will be enjoyed all the same.

The farmer's market is a bit more expensive than the supermarket, but we only get this fresh corn straight from the field a few times a summer, and spending a bit more for it is a delicious treat!

September 8, 2009

Walking Increases Life Span

a walkway along a boardwalk

I heard it on the radio - I can't remember if it was a commercial or a Public Service Announcement.

It stated that for every hour you walk, you increase your life by one hour.

I don't know how much studying or research went into it - they didn't get into any of the details.

I guess if anyone needed any motivation to get them started, this just might do it.

And that could be all the commercial was trying to do anyway whether it is true or not.

September 3, 2009

Witch Hazel

I am not one for wearing make-up or putting fancy creams and lotions on my face.

I can remember my grandmother's petal soft skin when I kissed her cheek, and her beautiful skin was something I always admired.

For years I have used natural witch hazel as an astringent and it has served me well.

During the dry winters, a bit of oil of olay does the trick as my oily skin needs some moisturizing.

I think that skin responds the best to the natural products, and they are sure easier on the pocketbook too!