January 1, 2011

Big Companies Promote Store Brands

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Anyone who has had a baby in the past year knows all about the recall of the Similac baby formula due to beetle and beetle larvae problem at one of their processing plants.

There was a splash about it on the news, then we never heard anything more about it.

The repercussions were felt for quite a time afterwards by the consumers of this product - their babies were used to this formula and they didn't take too well to switching to a different brand.

My daughter and grandson were affected by this, and he eventually was able to get used a new kind, a store brand formula that my daughter wishes she had tried in the beginning.  The switch to generic formula cost her a lot less than the brand name ones.

We have always used store brands, and I have always promoted them in this blog.

And as more consumers are stretching their dollars a bit farther, they also have been trying the store brands.

When I  ran across an article by CBS moneywatch online, I was happy to see that even the big companies such as themselves were promoting the use of store brands.

We all want to get the most for our dollar, and this is one of the ways to do that - even for the government regulated items such as baby formula.

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