July 29, 2012


Our favorite local farm stand is now open for the summer season.

It is our favorite place to get our sweet corn that we love so much.

Granted, it is more expensive than what the supermarket has to offer, but it tastes oh so much better.

And fresher, and sweeter too!

I had noticed when we walked into the barn that there was a sign on the wall that stated:

No GMOs used here.

Now, I know that was a good thing, as I had been reading  about how many of the seeds have been changed genetically - supposedly for our benefit.

 But I wasn't aware of what the letters stood for.

The DNA molecules in the food are altered with different organisms that usually come from different species.

More and more this is being done to our food supply in order to make it more disease and pest resistant  from inside the seed itself.

It is my thought that if the bugs cannot eat it, how can we?

How will our insides cope with it after years of eating it?

I do know that the corn I had from the market earlier this year played havoc with my intestines.

I wonder if it was GMO corn.

I was almost afraid to eat my favorite local treat when it became available this season.

But it was fine.

And with the assurance of no GMOs, it was even finer! 

July 27, 2012

Bright Colors!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The colored construction paper has come a long way since my elementary school days.

I can remember the choices of colors were few - and the paper always looked "faded" to me - the projects that we made with them actually did fade as they were displayed around the class room.

But the kids today have some really good choices when it comes to creating their class projects.

They get to use AstroBrights papers that come in 23 different colors.

They do not know how lucky they are - they can stretch their creativity and beyond with these bright colorful papers.

If I remember correctly we were limited to a whole four colors - red, green, yellow, and blue.

And you had to be really quick to snag a blue or yellow sheet - most of the pack contained the red and green sheets.

These Astrobrights papers are great for catching attention and they aren't for just the classroom either.

Flyers and presentations will really stand out and give your ideas a second look.

Around the house, office, and school, projects done with these papers will show off your creativity to it's best.

And they are holding a sweepstakes that can win a great prize for your local elementary school.

The Give a Brighter Year Sweepstakes will award the winning school a $30,000 prize of cash and school supplies.

Check out the above link for all the details. 

They also have design challenges that anyone can participate in.

The Make Something Astrobright design challenge is a family-friendly competition that will award astrobright papers and other prizes.

You can share your creations with photos and videos on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter - and be sure to use the hashtag #goastrobrights to connect with the other contestants.



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July 21, 2012

Yoga in the Morning

We have been very busy lately, and my yoga routine has been taking a back seat.

With the heat, swimming was naturally to choice to go with for exercising.

When it was cooler, I would go through a small yoga routine right after the swim, but that hasn't been the case for the past couple of weeks.

I have been lucky to eek out about one routine each week.

So, I decided to try doing a routine this morning instead of the weights and lifts that I usually do before breakfast.

It felt really good to do them, but I will say, it was a bit rougher getting through the routine.

By late afternoon, all the muscles are well stretched out from the day's activities - especially after swimming.

No so in the morning.

But I think I will stick with them off and on in the AM, alternating them with the weights just so I can keep the routine up.

Then once the swimming is over for the season - which hopefully won't be for a couple of months - I will get back to doing them in the afternoons like before.

July 7, 2012

Swimming the Lines

It has taken about a month of steady swimming - just about everyday, but we have finally accomplished it.

We are back to swimming the entire lines of the swim area at the lake.

The water has been on the warm side lately, so getting in and getting down to business is very easy.

The days with no wind make the swimming very smooth and almost effortless as we glide through the water.

The windy days are a struggle to get to the other end with our faces being swamped and smacked by the oncoming waves.

The way back on those days though is a breeze with the wind pushing us along.

Late afternoon is still the best time for us, and sometimes we are even lucky enough to have the whole lake to ourselves.

That would be when the chance of rain is high.

We figure we are going to be wet anyway, so as long as there is no thunder and lightening, the swim is still on.

We love this type of exercise - just wish it was a year round thing!