January 18, 2011

More Deals for Baby

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Babies are expensive - that is a given fact.

Special food, disposable diapers, constantly outgrowing clothing, plus a multitude of accessories will keep a new parent's pockets on the empty side.

When one starts adding in the baby furniture, car seats, and the extra space needed for living, it can seem pretty overwhelming in monetary terms.

But, much of that furniture and clothing can be recycled from friends and family members, or even found in second hand shops for a fraction of the cost of new items.

When it comes to the diapers - well there's the disposable kind and the cloth kind.  I remember when I had my babies - they were pretty much the same when compared to the cost of disposable versus the time and hot water needed to clean and maintain the cloth ones.

We had only a couple of choices for baby formula though, and neither one of them was cheap.

Other then nursing, there was no way to get around the cost of the formula.

But new Moms today have so many choices, as my daughter found out months ago.

Formula can also be purchased online.  And if one were to buy on diapers.com there are ecoupons that can reduce the cost even further for many of the varieties of the Bright Beginnings baby formula.

Good deals - for sure.  By joining Bright Beginnings on Facebook you can keep up with all their offerings and deals.

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