July 30, 2011

Zucchini Galore

Anyone who has grown them knows that zucchini can get out of hand in a big way.

And when they begin to mature in the garden, you don't have just one.

I think this season, I have seen the biggest one ever come through the front door.

It and it's twin were "hiding" under the leaves and didn't get noticed.

These veggies were easily over two feet long - and they were so fat.

What was I possibly going to do with those?

With one of them, I made two chocolate zucchini cakes, and froze enough shredded for another three cakes.

The other monster went into a dish that I put together with green peppers, onions, cooked ground beef/pork, and spaghetti sauce.

We have had three meals of it, and there are three more in the freezer.

What looked overwhelming turned into many delicious meals and desserts with one afternoon of work.

That's just what I like - saving time and money and stretching them both a long way!


July 25, 2011

A Swim in the Ocean

We are going to give it a try.

A swim in the ocean, that is.

I am not too sure how long it will be - I haven't been completely in the sea since I was a young girl.

Wading up to the knees is about all it has been for years - the water is just too cold.

Don't know how we ever stayed in as long as we did all those years ago.

But, we are taking a new approach at this time in our lives.

We are going to wear a wetsuit.

We bought them over the winter to use them in the fall to extend our swimming time in the lake.

Why not try them out at the ocean?

We will probably look ridiculous - the only ones in wetsuits while all the others are in swimsuits.

Oh well - they just take one look at our silver and white heads and decide we are just two old people who are crazy.

But I am so excited - let them enjoy themselves too with a good laugh.


July 21, 2011

A Cool Lunch

With the temps soaring to the high 90's, a cool lunch is on the menu.
I prefer a salad these days - the cukes are so refreshing in the heat.
But the boys frown at the salad idea - they need something more substantial.
So, a pack of cream cheese mixed with a can of thoroughly picked through salmon makes for a delicious, yet filling, cool spread on a lightly toasted bagel.
Give them some of those cukes on the side to go with it, and they have a healthy, cool lunch.
Won't be long until it will be our cukes that we will be serving - a couple in the garden should be ready by the end of the week.
I can't wait!


July 18, 2011

Swimming Strong

It has been quite a summer for swimming.
And we have only missed a couple of days so far this season.
We even go in the rain - just not the thunder and lightening kind of rain.
The weights I have been using with my arms in my morning routines has made such a difference in the swim strokes.
No tiring or pain in the shoulders as previous summers have brought.
I have been using a pair of flippers every other day now to build my legs up in the water.
We now swim the entire lines in the swim area at the lake - all the way down and back.
I would never have even dreamed of doing this years ago when I was much younger.
Can't believe it is such an easy task now.
At some point we are going to measure, on land, the distance between the beginning and end of the lines.
Of course, the way it is wrapped around the park, it is much more distance further out than closer to shore.
We'll figure it out somehow - there must be some type of mathematical equation that can come up with an answer.
Off for our daily swim!


July 14, 2011

Eggplant Parmesan

Not sure what to do with an eggplant?
Make a delicious dish called Eggplant Parmesan.
This vegetarian meal is so delicious.
The eggplant doesn't have much of a taste, and it picks up it's flavor from the ingredients it is cooked in.
An eggplant, can of spaghetti sauce, cooked pasta, flavored bread crumbs, a bit of flour, oil, parmesan and provalone cheese, and an egg are all that is needed.
The peeled and cut eggplant are dipped in an egg/milk mixture, then coated with the breadcrumb/flour mixture.
Cooked until they are golden in the oil, they are then allowed to drain on papertowels.
Placed in a saute pan, they are covered with the sauce and provalone cheese and are simmered until the pasta is cooked in a separate pan.
Served on the pasta and sprinkled with the parmesan cheese, it is then ready to eat.
It makes quite a bit and is even better warmed up!



July 9, 2011

Bagel Crisps

There were a couple of bagels left in the refrigerator.

Not wanting to throw them away, I decided to try making bagel crisps.

I really enjoy an all natural brand of these crisps, but they are so expensive.

I have made them before but they didn't turn out right, so I tried it a bit differently this time.

These bagels were the ones with "the works", so I didn't need any additional seasonings.

I sliced them in 1/4 inch pieces around the bagel - not big slices with a hole in the middle.

I put about two tablespoons of olive oil in a large plastic bag, then loaded in the bagel pieces.

After shaking them around in the bag to coat them with the oil, I placed them on an ungreased cookie pan.

I baked them at 325 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, turning them every five.

The idea is to get them to crisp all the way through but not burn them.

The second batch was more successful - you really need to keep an eye on them.

After cooling, they went into an airtight bag.

They are quite tasty - I like them just as much as the expensive ones.

I will now keep my eye on the clearance section in the bread department for bagels.

Crisped up, they make a great snack!



July 3, 2011

From Babyhood to College

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