January 28, 2011

In a Food Rut

My mother-in-law was an excellent cook - I learned much from her in my early years of marriage.

But I do remember her telling me: I have been making 3 meals a day for over 50 years, and sometimes I get really tired of eating and making the same things over and over.

I couldn't relate at the time, but after all these years, I understand what she was saying.

And after a recent conversation with my son, it has me thinking, it really is time for some changes.

He appreciates the meals, but he is getting really tired of eating the same foods.

He likes eating at his friend's house - they have such different meals.

And she really likes eating here - she is tired of the meals at her house.

Sounds like we all need a new infusion of meals.

When I asked for suggestions of what everyone might like to try - I get blank stares.

I would say that I now need to spend some time on the internet - searching for some new ideas.

I visit several food blogs now and again - I will have to really look at some of the ideas they have to offer.

Once again, I am thinking of my dear mother in law, she never was able to experience the internet.

She would have loved searching for new food ideas - she was always clipping recipes out of magazines and newspapers.

I have my daughter to share any new ideas with, and she has come up with a few herself.

Looking forward to some changes - would love to hear from my readers too!

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