May 5, 2010

Love That Baby

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the hand of a baby boy

Hard to believe that my new little grandson is almost five months old.

His joyful smiles and laughing eyes certainly warm his Grammy's heart, and giving him a big hug is the best!

He is recognizing people and things now and watching him grow is as much fun as it was watching his Mom grow all those years ago.

He has been a pretty healthy baby, just as his Mom was, and that is always a relief for new parents.

He has even managed to avoid a diaper rash so far.

From what I have been reading though, if a baby has any food allergies, it can show up as a diaper rash.

And he is just beginning to try some foods in his diet.

I will have to tell my daughter about Boudreaux's Butt Paste, as it is a new product that works really well in the treatment and prevention of diaper rash.

It is a zinc based product which creates a barrier that protects the tender skin.

It comes in a convenient foil pack as well as tubes and a big 16 oz. jar.

On their website, they offer a free sample.

The frugal Grammy in me will be requesting one of those for sure.

Gotta keep that little baby happy if a diaper rash should appear!

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