May 24, 2010

Is Gardening Good Exercise?

We all know that is takes 30 minutes of exercise in order to gain the most health benefits from it.

But is gardening considered on par with walking or biking is my question.

I was pleased to find that it is just as good, and can even offer more benefits in different areas,

Areas such as increased flexibility from all the stretching that gardening offers.

It builds strength in the
legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, neck, back and abdomen. The tasks involved in gardening use a variety of muscle groups.

The joints are also strengthened with gardening tasks, and what is really good about it - there is no jarring of the bones - which you really begin to feel as you get older.

So the best thing about gardening is you get a full body workout - stretching, weightlifting, and a moderate cardiovascular workout - all in one!

And since most of us garden for the pleasure of it, the exercise it just an added benefit!


  1. OH YES!!! Gardening is great exercise...I totally agree!!

  2. I was hoping you would say this about Gardening. How about mowing grass with a pull mower?

    I really like your blog!

  3. Definitely, gardening is a good exercise. what's so good about it is that you are even surrounded by a clean air coming from the plants :)

  4. Definitely agree with this. I work out regularly but after a day planting last weekend, I was so sore! Great exercise.

  5. If it weren't for the fact that I can't deal with pollen because of my allergies, I would totally be outside, digging in the dirt and gardening. Squats are great exercise, as it the act of pulling those pesky weeds. But, on the same note, it is also relaxing...if you enjoy it, that is.