May 8, 2010

A Fun Field Trip for Kids

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The best part of a school field trip for kids is to have fun learning something new.

And even if some parts of the trip are fictional, it opens the kid's minds to new and creative ways of thinking.

And sometimes kids just love a good scare - especially from an alien, as seen in the above video.

Lunchables is sponsoring a contest that is titled: Field Trips For All

Anyone can nominate a deserving classroom for this contest and of all the nominations, 50 classrooms will be chosen for an educational field trip.

With the economy as it is, school budgets are being tightened and less funds are available for field trips.

56% of the school districts across the nation will be eliminating field trips all together.

Kids love hands on learning and this is a great opportunity to nominate a student or classroom that you feel would benefit from this experience.

My youngest is graduating next month, and my grandson is still a baby, so I am thinking of nominating one of my kid's favorite teacher's classrooms for this contest.

They were both fortunate to have Mrs. Sanborn as a teacher in elementary school, and she contributed much to their learning in those early years.

Good luck to all the classrooms and students who get nominated, and best of all - hope the winners have a great time!

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