May 16, 2010

Garden is Coming Along

Today was one of those very busy days physically, and the best way to describe it is how my grandmother would have put it:

My rear end is dragging.

And that is an understatement!

I am determined to put in a vegetable garden this year - it has been about four years since I have had one.

I have two raised beds that I use for them - I put what I want in one of them, and my husband decides what he wants to put in the other one.

I probably should have taken "before" and "after" photos - the weeds and dried leaves and pine needles were atrocious after all that time.

And I know where I got that poison ivy a few weeks back.

There it was in it's very "new growth" form - running along the edge of the raised bed.

I gave it a wide berth today and decided that that garden was not the one I was going use.

Any way - all the weeds have been evicted from both gardens, they were both turned and composted manure was added to them.

Tilling them with a rake and then smoothing them out was the final step.

We had to remove several large branches from some old pines that were creating quite a shade cover since the last time we planted.

Our area of New England is considered "frost-free" as of 5/31, so we will hold off on the planting for a bit.

But we can certainly go shopping for our plants - I can't wait!

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