May 19, 2010

Security and Independence

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Medical Guardian. All opinions are 100% mine.


This nifty little device has given my Mom the added security of still being able to live independently.

She took a fall over three years ago and ended up breaking her hip.

She was in the hospital and rehab for a very long time, as she is a diabetic, and healing is a lot slower for her.

She called me when she was able to get to a phone, but I live over an hour away and couldn't be there to help her right away.

She ended up calling my aunt who came and then called emergency - she spent a lot of time on floor as it took her a while to get to the phone.

When she went back home after all her surgeries and rehabs, we were all quite worried about this happening all over again.

That's when we discovered the Medical Guardian device that has brought peace of mind to her and most especially to us.

She wears it at all times on her wrist - even in the shower.

She has had to use it couple of times when she's had some minor falls, and it was a relief to us that she had it.

The response was immediate and she was impressed with the caring help she received from the responders.

She ended up moving into an apartment shortly after her original fall, and the first thing she did was have her alert system set up.

The customer service made it very easy for her and took care of everything to make sure it was working properly.

She still has her independence and this added security allows her to continue with quality life.

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