May 20, 2010

Found a Flat

Yesterday I posted about the non-existent vegetable flats of plants for planting in the garden.

Well, I had some success with the Big Boy tomatoes and the Sweet Green peppers.

I really didn't want any big tomatoes, just cherry ones as I seem to have better luck with those ones reaching maturity.

Will have to stick with the larger ones for this year and hope for the best.

We couldn't find any cucumbers, so those will be going in as seeds.

Cuke plants are easier, but seeds have worked in the past, so we will give it a try.

Green beans are always put in as seeds, and we got some of those yesterday too.

The only splurge I made was for a pot of Sweet Basil.

One plant for $3.00, but it has always been one of my favorites, and once dried, I use it on many things.

I may pick up some basil seeds next time and put them in pots in the garden.

That way I can bring them inside towards the fall as they will never reach maturity from seeds in the ground now.

Hopefully today I can get the plants in the ground - I just love to have a garden!

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