May 8, 2010

American vs. Greek Yogurt

I have a small container of yogurt each morning for breakfast.

I usually purchase the Activia brand and the french vanilla flavor is my favorite.

I heard on one of the morning shows that most of them prefer the Greek style yogurt because it tastes so much better.

Of course this got my curiosity, so I checked on them at the supermarket.

I ended up purchasing a vanilla flavored one and couldn't wait to try it later that day.

I noticed how thick and creamy it appeared to be so I rechecked to make sure I purchased the fat-free version.

It had a tangier, almost sour taste than my regular kind, but as I took a few more small spoonfuls, it began to grow on me.

Since it was so thick, and had no fat in it, I wanted to find out how they accomplished that.

I learned that Greek style yogurt is a strained yogurt - all the extra water is removed from it which makes it more dense and creamier.

The American style is not strained - the water is kept in it which helps to dilute the tangy flavor.

I will definitely purchase the Greek style again and will eat it as a treat now and then.

It is more expensive than my regular yogurt, so I will wait for it to go on sale.

They are becoming more popular in the supermarket, so hopefully the prices will come down on them as time goes on.

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