April 29, 2010

Poison Ivy Still Spreading

I had hoped that by the time a week had gone by I would be seeing the end of my poison ivy breakout.

The first run has now turned into dried, yet still itchy, spots, but over these last two weeks, new patches keep cropping up all over my skin.

All the clothes have been carefully washed, and I have not been outside working around the yard - I wanted my skin to clear up before I headed back out.

It is frustrating to keep breaking out with it and not being around it.

I will say though, the Calagel that I put on it really helps a lot with drying it out.

I didn't get it until I was well into the weeping stage with the first break out, but it seems to prevent the new batches from getting to that stage.

Certainly worth a little more to get the good stuff. Of course, absolutely nothing helps with the itching, and I am anxious for it all to pass.

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