May 21, 2010

Gardens Are In

The vegetable gardens are finally planted for this season.

Since we have raised beds for them, they tend to dry out faster than the "in ground" ones do.

So the daily watering has begun.

I am hoping the plants get some good growth on them before the really hot weather arrives.

Establishing deep roots is the goal for right now, so that water is quite important.

I have read both that early morning water is the best and that evening watering is the best.

The morning one offers the plant a good long drink before the heat of the day, and the evening watering revives them after the heat.

We have always chosen the evening, but if anyone can honestly tell me the morning is better, I would love to hear about it.

1 comment:

  1. I do evening mostly because where my planter boxes are, they get more sun in the morning so the water doesn't get a chance to really soak in before the heat of the sun gets it.