February 2, 2009

Set Calorie Limits

After evaluating what I have been eating over the past four days, I have made some changes to the default values that are set at the Calorie Counter website.

For my age, gender, and height, they determined that I needed 2000 calories a day. I changed that to 1200.

I also lowered the fat intake from 65 to 50 grams a day.

I don't seem to have too many problems with the fats - I don't eat a lot of those to begin with and I have not reached the daily limit yet. Lowering them was not a problem.

Salt is not a problem either. I do not add it to my food or eat things that have high salt contents. I consistently stay under the recommended values.

The biggest problem I have is with the carbs and the sugars. I consistently go over the default values everyday. I will adjust them, but not until I get myself below the defaults.

I tend to be a grain eater - bread, rice, pasta, and crackers. All of my grains are the whole wheat variety, yet I never seem to make the required 25 grams of fiber intake for each day. I am lucky if I even hit 18 grams.

To get the recommended fiber count, I need more grains - yet more grains puts me way over in the carbs and sugars.

I am going to need to do some research on what veggies have for fiber counts. Fruits have good counts, but once again, it increases the carbs and especially the sugars when I eat them.

In the past I have tried one of the Low Carbs Diets, and I did loose some weight.

But sticking to that diet for the rest of my life is not practical.

I like bread, and I love rice and I feel the necessary benefits they offer far outweigh the carb concerns.

I will discover a balance between them over time and will track everything to evaluate what I can consume for my body.

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