February 26, 2009

Down 2 More!

I was looking forward to jumping on the scale today.

I had noticed that my jeans didn't feel quite as snug, so I was hoping for the scale to prove it.

It's only 2 pounds, and even though it doesn't show, I can feel it in my jeans.

And it has made my day!


  1. Bravo! Well stated, and hooray for avoiding the aisles. We have only a few items that we purchased packaged (Ezekiel sprouted grain cereal, Annie's organic cheddar bunnies, Back to Nature Classic Rounds crackers) and even these are soon to be on the chopping block. It is a process of cutting out items, and then fighting temptation to creep back into bad habits. Over time, you find that you really don't miss the products cut. Keep up the fight...

  2. It is definitely a fight - especially when the family doesn't always like these choices. Not always popular with the kids, but they give in when there is nothing else around to snack on.

    Thanks for stopping by and extra thanks for the support!!