February 24, 2009

Yawn for Oxygen

Yawns - most of Mother Nature's creatures are caught yawning at some time.

Cats, dogs, birds, and lots of different wildlife all yawn, and I have even observed a pet fish yawning.

In the animal kingdom it can be considered a warning, but in the human race, it is an expression of tiredness, boredom, or just plain uninterested.

But there is a real reason for yawning that I have recently discovered.

Oftentimes yawns are contagious - when someone next to us starts yawning, it seems to trigger something in us to yawn too - and it is all done unconsciously.

I did a post a couple of weeks ago about the benefits of taking deep breaths for better health.

It is not always easy to remember to breathe correctly, and I try to remind myself several times during the day to do so.

Well, come to find out, one reason for yawning is to replenish the body with oxygen.

When our oxygen levels get really low, we feel tired, have no energy, and could so easily just nod off for a cat nap.

I can remember when I worked in an office, by mid afternoon, I could hear the yawns starting, and sure enough, they were contagious.

Yawning makes us take a deep breath, successfully delivering the much needed oxygen to our starved systems.

If we pay attention to this signal from our body, it can help us to remember to breathe correctly.

When we hear or see another person or animal yawning - it can also help to remind us.

Anything that helps me to remember is a good thing.

And what's even better, sometimes all one needs to wake them up is a few good deep breaths of air - not the mid day sugar or coffee fix.

And while we're taking a few deep breaths - a few steps around the office wouldn't hurt either!

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