February 6, 2009

Abs In, Back Straight

Keeping a straight back is a hard thing to do - especially when sitting at a computer all day.

It starts out with good intentions, and before you know it, the shoulders start to sag, the back becomes a bit hunched, and the abs get really tired of holding themselves in and just let it all go.

There are many health benefits for making correct posture a part of life and making it second nature will eventually be the norm once you get all the muscles trained properly.

It does require thinking about it and doing it. That is really all the cost to it - no extra time to squeeze in a new routine and no cash payout for another unneeded exercise gadget.

And the benefits are tremendous.

That deep breathing that I talked about a couple of posts ago, well it actually helps to promote it - you want to take a deep breath to feed the working muscles with fresh oxygen. So now you are doing two exercises at once.

This next problem really hits home with me - indigestion and heartburn.

Keeping the correct posture actually aids in digestion - keeps the food moving down using that dreaded gravity that we all hate to think about as we get older. At least it works for something.

And here's one of the best reasons to sit straight and keep the abs in - it uses calories.

It doesn't burn a lot of calories, but over time it will add up and it will make a difference when trying to loose the extra weight and tone things up.

You will feel better as you walk and sit taller. It will affect your mental and physical heath in a positive manner.

It really does feel good - give it a try. Back straight, abs in, and breathe deep.

It only takes a nanosecond to remember to do it - that's it.

And did I mention - it's free!


  1. Cool site Kathy, I lost around 70 lbs around 20 years ago, so hard trying to keep it off the older you get, lots of great tools and info here to help with that.

  2. Hi Bob - Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.

    70 pounds - wow! Good for you for keeping it off too!

    No, it isn't easy - way too many temptations around - the computer doesn't help with the exercise part either.

    Will be working extra hard on that part!

  3. Hi Kathy,
    just found your new blog from your photography site.
    I think sitting straight helps your spine etc. is an urban myth. On the contrary, forcing your body in an upright position while sitting at the computer can do more damage than anything else. The point is you need to move - change your position as often as possible AND moving is the best thing you can do. Stand up - if that is possible, having a computer table where you can change height is much more efficient for this purpose. Any position that nails you down for a longer time is bad.

  4. Hi Petra - Thanks for stopping by - glad to see you!

    I definitely agree with the getting up and walking around. I work at my PC all day, and I can't count the number of times I get up and walk around to stretch the legs.

    There is no way I could sit there without moving - I would have to get a new job.

    I will say though, walking tall and sitting tall feels good for me. Kinda like when you sit in the yoga position and take a deep breath. Finding that center feels really good.

    Hope you stop by again - great advice on the moving around!

    take care,