February 15, 2009

Keep It Moving

Keep it Moving

two people walking in a field

Working from home on a computer each day really takes some motivation to get moving sometimes. How easy it is to continue working as the time flies by.

I have found over the years though, that just sitting is not the way to go. The legs can only take being in one position for so long - then they get twitchy.

So, I have learned that before the twitching starts, I need to get up and take a walk around.

Perhaps the laundry needs to get started, or I need to refill my water glass, water the plants, or just take a minute to step outside the door for a breath of fresh air.

Just five to ten minutes every hour or so really makes a difference.

I feel more attentive and awake when I return to my desk and keyboard.

The blood is flowing, the legs certainly feel a lot better, and the attitude has improved also.

Of course this is in addition to the daily exercises and scheduled walks that I try to accomplish.

By nature we are an active species - all these modern conveniences rob us of the activity that has kept past generations in a more fit condition.

Time for me to go stretch the legs again and get the blood flowing.

Keep it moving - it's nature's way!

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