February 17, 2009

Up to 3500 Steps

The steps have been increasing on the pedometer. It is slow going, but just to see them increasing is a good thing.

I was averaging about 2500 steps a week ago, and now it is up to 3500, and sometimes, 4000.

We had some really nice days this past week, so getting out for a real walk felt good.

All winter long, my boys have cleared a path around the house so I could still get my steps in when the weather permitted.

Once around, my path gives me about 400 steps. Not very much, but after a few times around at a good pace, you do begin to feel it.

Another snow storm is coming tomorrow, so getting steps these next couple of days won't be easy.

But I will be making up for it in moving all the snow around - it all counts in the end!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Pretty much a drop and run. I am so far behind. But, blog rolled you!!:-)))