March 3, 2009

Stay Away From the Aisles

a glass bowl filled with red cherry tomatoes

The grocery stores are really set up quite conveniently to make shopping a fairly quick task - and to make the most of eating healthy.

The produce is usually located on one end, and the dairy is usually situated on the other end.

All along the perimeter of the store, the meats and other fresh items are arranged accordingly too.

All those aisles - where we usually get behind the inconsiderate or extra-slow shopper - contain mostly prepared or packaged foods.

The aisle foods contain a lot of salt, and sugar, and fat, and artificial ingredients that we really need to watch if we are going to be making healthy choices.

Just about the only aisle I visit is the one with the raw grains - cereals, rices, and pastas - and I have learned to choose the unprepared whole grain varieties.

The bread aisle also gets a visit - but only for a whole wheat or multi-grain loaf.

Shopping along the perimeter of the store gives us the best choices for a healthy lifestyle - the aisles want to rob us of our time, our money, and our health.

The temptation for packaged foods is great, especially when time is short. Sometimes they really are a good deal too when compared to scratch preparations.

But if it seems too good to be true - it usually is - and it's the health that suffers in the end.

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  1. Shopping along the perimeter is also cheaper and saves the need of having to cut coupons.

  2. Hi Pussreboots - Quite a few of the items are cheaper and very rarely do they make coupons for the fresh items. Sometimes the milk or yogurts will have them, but that's about it.

    I do like to clip them for the paper goods and cleaning items - every penny counts!

  3. As you say, stay away from the processed and junk foods in the aisles, and you go far in terms of your health.

    It's as simple as that.

    Have a good day!


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  4. Hi Paul - It's tempting sometimes, but it is best to stick to the perimeter. Sometimes you need to watch those ones too!

  5. I've never seen coupons for milk, eggs or other staples. It was cheaper to stop getting our newspaper (and therefore no coupons) than to keep getting the paper for the very rare coupon we'd actually use.

  6. Hi pussreboots - I have to agree, the quality and amount of the coupons have gone steadily downhill. Most of the newspaper "coupons" are now ads for buying something useless. We only get the Sunday paper now, and even that itself has shrunk considerably over the past few months.