August 3, 2010


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Not too sure about one of those in the near future, but it is always fun to look on the internet at different places and far away lands.

And sometimes they don't have to be too far away.

We are in New England and for the most part take day trips which aren't too expensive for us.

We tend to stay away from the busy tourist places - we would rather explore nature areas on our own at our own pace.

A hike to us is way more interesting than shopping or theme parks.

We have some friends who have retired in Florida, and they are always after us to come and visit.

No hotel expenses, they tell us, and Disney Land and Seaworld are practically next door.

They live in the Kissimmee area which is right close to all these places.

We told them we would rather spend time with them hiking or taking a ride on one of those airboats through the swamp.

They were kind of disappointed that the theme parks didn't interest us as much as the swamp did.

Then we asked about the fishing in the area.

That was a hit - they said they have the best Bass fishing lakes in the whole of the south.

So, if we ever get down to Florida to visit them, fishing and an airboat ride in the swamp are on the list.

And of course, a visit to their beloved theme parks will be scheduled in too.

It would certainly be something different for us - and I am sure they would make it most enjoyable.

Sounds like there is something for everyone in the area down there - check it out and see for yourself!

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