August 21, 2010

Swells and Whitecaps

The swimming was brisk today.

In fact, we were the only ones at the lake even swimming, and have been for the last few days.

To slowly get into the water is a big mistake - one would chicken out and leave because of the chilliness.

And getting out is the same way - especially when the wind is blowing.

Like it was today.

Man, the towel never felt so good.

The wind was so brisk, it was making whitecaps on the swells it was creating, and this is just a small lake.

Swimming against the wind had the waves slapping our faces quite strongly, making it almost impossible to swim in that direction.

How I missed the glassiness of the calm water on our evening swims of the weeks past.

But there is a storm moving in tomorrow.

It will deliver much needed rain to the parched lawns and low water level in the lake.

I am hoping to keep swimming through the end of the month, but with over two inches of rain predicted, the lake water will be even chillier than it is already.

It is supposed to be sunny again on Wednesday - can't wait to see how it is then - I will sorely miss the swimming exercise until then too!

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