August 27, 2010

Gunpowder Green Tea

I think that just the name makes this tea sound like it is quite strong.

And it really looks it too when it is brewed - it is so dark in the cup.

It's not like the regular green tea that I am used to with the light green color.

But I found this Gunpowder Green Tea to be so delightful!

It has a really mild flavor despite it's deep dark color in the cup.

There is no bitterness or bite to it, just a smooth flavor that tastes so fresh and good.

It is said to get its name because the tea leaves are rolled into pellets that resemble blackpowder grains.

This rolling preserves the flavor and aroma of the tea as there is less physical damage to the leaves.

Whatever it is, if you get the chance to have some - it will be a great treat.

Glad I was able to find some on sale at the market, and even happier that I decided to give it a try!

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