August 12, 2010

Help for Getting in Shape

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Designing and sticking to a workout routine isn't always easy.

I have used books from the library, the internet, and friends for ideas and different routines.

The books were great, but I couldn't always tell if I was performing the exercise right from the little photos they had of the model doing them.

The internet is loaded with exercises and routines - some of them are good, and if they contain a video it is even better.

But the computer isn't in the workout area where you can follow along.

Friends are always great to work to with, but their routine isn't always what I want.

And forget the gyms and fitness centers - the costs are just too high, although they would offer the best for instruction and motivation.

So, I like to use workout videos - right in the comfort of my own home.

The TV screen is big enough to see what the instructor is doing, and I can pause it when I need to so I can get the positions just right.

I have used several DVD's from several of my favorite instructors.

Joyce Vedral is my most favorite and she has a walking video that is the best.

Kathy Smith and Denise Austin also have great workout videos.

And when these workouts get stale, I just head back over to for their great selection and super great prices.

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