August 30, 2010

Lake Water was Like Glass

We had a talk about it last week right after the rain stopped.

We hadn't been swimming for three days because of the weather, and we figured the rain would make the water quite chilly afterwards.

Well, we were wrong.

On 8/22, before the rain came, the water temp was 74 degrees and it was just gorgeous.

On 8/26, when the rain stopped, the temp was 71 degrees - only three degrees difference.

Not too bad.

And we made a pact before hand that we would go swimming no matter what - and for as long as we could this season.

So far, so good.

Tonight the water was just like glass - how easy it makes it to swim in such calm water.

Gliding along, not having to dodge the waves for a breath of air, struggling through the swells.

Just smooth strokes, and you know, we swam twice as far as we usually do.

I'll take this kind of exercise any day, and will remember it well when the lake is frozen solid in February!

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