August 5, 2010

Baby Supplies Online

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Babies are expensive - nobody will argue that fact.

But even with all the needs that they do have, parents these days can save money while still buying these necessities.

I remember when my children were born, these were only two kinds of formula available.

So when my daughter was expecting last year, she asked what kind I used.

She tried what I told her she had used as a baby, then she decided to try another brand.

There was no difference in the ingredients, and she could save substantially by using it.

The baby likes it just as well.

The company changed their label a while back, and she thought that perhaps the formula had been changed as well.

But that's not case, and the new design just makes it easier for her to find on the shelf when she is in a hurry.

She say's the only way it could get better would be to buy it online - she wouldn't have to use gas to run to the store - which is quite a trip now that she has moved.

I will be happy to let her know that Bright Beginnings available at, has come to the internet.

She will be so pleased.

They offer free shipping and a coupon for $5.00 off.

How the savings add up with this deal!

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