April 15, 2011

Such a Difference in Prices

It is no secret to those of you who read my posts.
When food shopping, we always check the clearance rack in the supermarket.
Looking for markdowns in the dairy and meat counters are also on our list.
But not all supermarkets have these markdowns, or if they do, it is only on occasion.
My daughter has recently moved to the next state over.
About three hours away from us - doesn't sound too far, but it is far enough to notice a difference in the supermarket prices.
The cost of meat is double what we pay here.
And since she also shops the markdowns, this is a huge difference for her.
And the dairy is also a sore topic - the milk is a third more than what we pay here.
Since she has a couple of the same supermarkets there that are here, she thought things would be close to the same.
Not so, the prices are much higher for all of the food products, and they don't have the clearance racks or markdowns like we do.
She has made a plan to do her meat and dairy shopping when she comes to visit us and pack it all in a cooler for the trip home.
It has always been or plan to retire in a couple of years to the area she is in.
Guess we will all be making plans to drive a couple of hours for major food trips every now and then.
Or perhaps not if the gas prices keep going up too.



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