April 30, 2011

Cutting Boards


 I have several different cutting boards - each one has a specific job.

My favorite are the two bamboo boards - one small and one large.

Only veggies and fruits are allowed on them though - the cheeses and meats are off limits for these boards.
When cutting bread, I flip over one of these boards and use that side specifically for this job.

These boards are simple to clean and only require a mineral oil rub about once a month to keep them looking great even with all their slice marks.

I have a couple of thin flexible plastic mats that I use for meat and fish - I like to keep them separate too.

Those mats are sturdy enough to survive very sharp knives and extra scrubbing when getting washed.

After a few months, they get replaced - they are pretty worn by then and are fairly cheap at the market.
I have a thicker plastic one that I keep for cheese.

My reason for all these boards - contamination.

By keeping everything separate, the bacteria in the meat doesn't transfer to the fresh veggies, fruit, or cheese that may not get cooked. 

It keeps us from getting sick, and it keeps our food tasting it's best.



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