April 19, 2010

Poison Ivy = Nasty Stuff

It hasn't happened for a couple of years.

That itch from the evil poison ivy plant.

It is in full force right now - all over me, and can you believe it hasn't even started growing yet this season?

It's not just the leaves that contain that ugly oil called urushiol.

We have been doing a lot of cleaning and raking around our yard, and I am well aware that we are surrounded by poison ivy on all four sides.

I stay far away once it begins to grow - I swear the wind blows the oil on my skin as I never touch the plant but get the rash anyway.

Well, the roots also contains that itchy oil.

And from what I am guessing, that oil must contaminate the soil and anything else it touches also, such as dried leaves.

I always give this plant a wide berth and avoid the roots too - I know the dormant plants are there.

The raking disturbed the soil and leaves, and since it was a windy day, it kept blowing it around me as I ignorantly kept working.

The rash is even on places that were well undercover and not exposed.

Man, I really despise this plant, and all the years I have been here, nothing has worked to get rid of it.

It should take about a week for the rash to subside, but stupid me, I will be out there again.

There is much more raking to do and a garden to prepare for too.

But I will take care to work on less windy days - hopefully that will help!