April 15, 2010

Search for Fiddleheads

We had an extra long walk today.

Last spring season, I posted about a local delicacy that we call fiddleheads.

Since the extra warm spring season has caused the trees and flowers to start budding before their usual time, we figured the ferns would follow the same trend.

We found some of the non-edible ones sprouting up, but so far none of the fiddles.

They are usually ready about the second week in May.

We will take another trip towards the end of next week if this extra warm weather continues.

Since the dried plants from last fall are where this years plants will form, we tried to find some new areas that grew these wild ferns.

So far, no luck there either.

A big secret that Mother Nature keeps hidden - and I am glad she does.

They are becoming more rare, and I fear someday there will be no more.

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