April 10, 2010

Pocket Pedometer

I wear a pedometer that counts my steps each day so I can track them for the Beewell Miles program.

Now, my old cell phone, a Sony Walkman style had a great feature built into it that would allow me to count my steps as I carried my phone in my pocket.

Since I always had my cell in my pocket, I never missed out on the counting.

Well, we purchased new cell phones last week, and my new one, an LG doesn't have this feature. In fact, there are no other cell phones out there that have that feature.

So, I had to dig up one of my pedometers that I used to use years ago, change the battery, and then the most important part, remember to put it in my pocket.

I have been counting my steps for so long with my cell phone now, that I pretty much know when I go on my regular walks how many steps they are.

And I think the phone was more accurate. The pedometer seems to count a few too many even though it has been calibrated for my stride.

Or perhaps I have been ripping myself off a few by using the cell phone.

Either way, they are still getting counted as long as I remember to put the pedometer in my pocket!


  1. Yes i have one too...sony ericsson cellphone help me to count my steps and I never missed out on the counting again

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  3. Yeah..I agree with that
    if you don`t have a pocket pedometer you can use java phone application