August 3, 2009


a boy snorkeling in a lake

I was beginning to fear we would not make it this summer.

With all the rain and damp cold weather that has been our summer so far, any thoughts of going swimming in the lake were not to be considered.

Until today.

We had a couple of hot days which worked their magic on the water and warmed it to just the right degree.

It was chilly, but not chilly enough to keep us out of it.

And it felt so good - almost a whole year since the last time.

I can foresee a couple of dinners spent by the water and some early evenings with the flippers and goggles as we enjoy our time swimming at the lake.

Ten dollars pays for a whole season's pass. Even though it's a short season this year - it will be worth every cent!


  1. Glad to hear that you are finally having some warm weather over there and that you are all enjoying the dips in the water. :)

  2. Tammy and the boys have been spending this last week at the lake and the beach also! They love the water also!

  3. Hi Jackie - the water really makes one feel good!

  4. Yeah! It is a fantastic idea to get memorable moments...