August 25, 2009

Don't Forget the Mammogram

heart with a breast cancer ribbon

I know that it is not October yet, which is the official Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I just wanted to do a reminder to all women not to forget this important test.

Having just had mine recently, I was surprised to see that the technician let me view the actual images.

They were taken with the new digital imaging machines which sends the image to a computer screen to be checked right away for clarity.

No more waiting for the technician to develop the films to make sure they are okay.

It was much quicker and a lot smoother than the older machine.

The photographer in me was impressed with the sharpness and clarity of the images, and I can see where these new machines have made things much easier for us ladies.

Just waiting to hear for the results, and hopefully all will be taken care for another year.


  1. Hey there - I'm a breast cancer survivor and thanks for not waiting until October. I think people get a little pinked out during awareness month.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I am due for one this year. I am fueling and dropping today. hey it's working out pretty good too!!:-)

  3. this is a very useful reminder, thanks for doing this...

  4. Thanks for reminding, it's been very helpful.