September 6, 2011

Still Swimming

The days are cooler, and the water is a bit chillier too.

Especially after all the rain we have had the last week, and no hot sunny days to warm it up.

But we are still doing our swimming each afternoon.

A bit earlier than we did in the summer.

Today was overcast and drizzly off and on through out the day, but that didn't stop us.

The water was pure glass - not a ripple on it.

I felt almost guilty disturbing it's peacefullness.

As we were gliding through the water, Mother Nature gave us a treat.

A Great Blue Heron came skimming across the top of the water and landed in a pine tree right beside us.

I was surprised at how sure-footed that big, long bird was in that tree.

He was still in there watching us when we left.

Maybe he wanted our spot on the beach for wading and looking for dinner.

I hope he was successfull!


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