September 24, 2011

Stay Out of the Wake

Once again we spent some time this afternoon swimming at the lake.

The water is really getting chilly - getting in is getting hard.

But we do.

And going in with some one else is always better than doing it alone.

I have learned these last few times to get in a bit of a distance away though.

You see, the top layer of the water is warm, and the bottom layer is bitter cold.

And if you are careful to stay in that top layer, which is about a foot deep, then all is well.
But when that bottom layer gets disturbed to mix in with the warmer water - the going gets rough.

So, swimming in our own areas is the way to go, nice and slow and even.

I was following my husband, and his kicking stirred up that water so much, I almost had to get out from the coldness.

 The swims are shorter than they were in the summer, but we are determined to enjoy it as long as we can.


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