September 9, 2011

Adding Yoga

We probably have about a month before we have to give up our swimming as our New England lake will just be too cold.

I still do my morning exercise routine, but giving up the swimming will be quite a bummer.

We love this weightless form of exercise as we glide through the water.

So I have been giving some thought to doing some Yoga when the swimming has ended.

I picked up a couple of beginner VHS tapes at the second hand store, and I will watch them before I give it a try.

I did some many years ago in high school - but the body and bones were quite a bit more limber back then.

My exercises certainly made the swimming easier this season, and I am thinking the slow, smooth movements of the Yoga will be a good thing for the winter.

I will post more as I read and learn more about it.

Hoping it is a good choice!


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