June 18, 2011

Taking it Slow and Easy

In a previous post, I wrote about my experience the first time we went swimming this season.

Getting winded was a first for me while swimming, and it made me think about what I should be doing to build up my endurance.

Since that time, over two weeks ago, I have taken a new approach.

One can't just rush into it as one did when they were younger.

I wasn't getting tired, so that was a good thing.

My arms and legs are in better shape than they had been in any previous season - the weights I have been using have done wonders.

So, I wasn't short on strength either.

My new plan, take it slow and easy once I was totally in the water.

Swim steady with long slow strokes - no short fast ones - there is no race to get to.

And what a world of difference that has made.

I can swim a much farther distance than I ever have this early in the season - all without getting winded or tired.

Looking forward to a long summer with long swims!



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