June 13, 2011

Newtons Fruit Thins

Article first published as There's Fiber in These Newtons on Blogcritics.

There is a new kind of Newtons on the market.

The Sunday paper had a coupon to save a $1.00 on these Fruit Thins, so I cut it out just in case they happened to be affordable.

I forgot all about them until I came across a display in the supermarket, and they also had a $1.00 coupon attached to them as a promotion.

Since this brought the price down even more, a package of the Raspberry Chocolate variety made its way into the cart.

With two grams of fiber per serving of three thins, I figured there could be worse things out there to have as a treat.

And to me, one of the most important things, there were no hydrogenated fats in them.

So, how did they taste?

I really liked them, but the the boys didn't want any more than their first ones - they were not impressed.

I thought they satisfied the need for crunch and chocolate.

They were not too sweet - that's what I think the boys didn't like - they really like the sugar.

There were quite a few raspberry seeds in them too, which they also didn't care for.

Would I buy them again?

You bet, and I just love the fact that they are all mine!



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