June 25, 2011

Clay Cooker

A new cooking gadget has arrived in the household.

We picked up a clay roasting cooker, brand new, at a really fancy yard sale last weekend.

It was still in the box - she had never used it, and she included a cookbook to go with it.

I have been chomping at the bit all week to use this cooker, but with the summer heat, it is just not the best time of the year to cook roasts.

After a run to the supermarket on this rainy day, we now have a beef roasting in the oven.

This cookware needs to be soaked in water so the clay can absorb it and "steam" the meat as it cooks it.

It is supposed to be quite moist and succulent - so the cookbook says.

It cooks in a really high oven though - 425 degrees.

The heat does feel good on this damp, cold day.

I will post more about how this meal turned out in the future.

The house is smelling good, and I can't wait to taste that roast!



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  1. I love mine! I have the same one. The meatloaf that comes (came) with it is wonderful over the bed of sliced potatoes.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie and Mom Sharon