June 6, 2011

Keeping Out the Bugs

They seem to be more numerous this year.

The bugs, that is.

The battle with the ants began just about as soon as the snow was gone - they didn't waste any time coming in.

The black flies were not too bad this year though - I think it gone too warm too early, and that just did them in.

The mosquitoes are worse than ever and from what I have been reading about them, using repellent has become a must to avoid what they carry in our area.

We picked up some of the sprays and dry granules that we spread around the house perimeter.

I am not a big fan of these chemicals, but the bugs will be all through the house if we don't use them.

And they are so expensive.

We were lucky enough to find some rebates on the dry ones.

On sale a three pound bag was $9.99, and after the rebate, it cost $2.99.

We usually go through two to three bags each season, so that certainly helps with the costs.

We are trying a boric acid mixture with the ants this year.

It takes time for it to work, but it beats all those poison sprays in the house.

Don't really like using bug repellent on the skin, but since we need it, we picked up a can of the good stuff for .99 cents after the rebate.

Might as well do ourselves in as cheaply as we can!



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