September 16, 2010

Riding a Motorcycle as Exercise

Okay, I know it isn't a strenuous thing, but riding a motorcycle does provide some exercise.

Not in the traditional sense, but it does require upper body strength and balance at all times.

I am the passenger, so my upper body doesn't get the workout my husband's does.

My legs and back get more of a work out though.

I hang-on with my legs quite often, and with no backrest, I need to keep upright at all times.

No slouching - I wouldn't want to flop off the back, especially on the powerful machine we drive.

We stopped at the lake today, but didn't go swimming.

The water temp was 67 degrees compared to the 68 degrees on Tuesday when we last went swimming.

The wind was gusting today - it would have made the swimming hard - it certainly required some extra hanging-on while on the bike.

We got home with just in time - within the hour a rain storm had moved in.

Glad we took the time to enjoy the warm afternoon - I'll take the motorcycle riding form of exercise any day!

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