September 10, 2010

9/10 and Still Swimming

This is a record for us.

Usually by August 31, we are done for the year - very rarely have we gone into September with us still in the water.

The next few days I will be recording the air and lake temperatures so I can use it as a record to go by in the future.

Today the air temp was 66.2 degrees and the water temp was 69.9 - almost 70.

It was very overcast - the clouds were quite gray, but it didn't rain all day.

The winds were very light compared to the past week.

It was a joy to swim in the calmer water without being swamped by the waves.

The winds were from the west instead of the south - perhaps that's why it was a bit calmer - they were coming from the land instead of the open lake.

We took the car down instead of the motorcycle - it was just a bit too nippy to be going 55 miles an hour for over 6 miles of traveling and be all wet from the water.

One other nice thing - the swim lines were gone.

It felt so free to be swimming in the open lake!

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