September 21, 2010

No Deals Today

The market trip was very disappointing today.

We never fail to find a few good deals - especially on the veggies and in the meat department.

There were none to be found today, and it really has me wondering what is going on.

No markdowns or coupons and even the regular sales were lacking any deals.

We were on the search for dinner, and I figured that if we can't find anything, then ground bison was always a good choice.

Low fat, great taste, and about the same price as the better ground beef.

Walking down the meat aisle, I grabbed the familiar package, but quickly put it back with a gasp.

The price read $7.29.

Two weeks ago, when we last bought it, it was $5.49.

That was a shock, especially after not finding any deals anywhere else.

If this is the way of things to come, things are going to get even tougher than they already are.

By nature, I usually try to keep a positive attitude, but this really got me down.

Lighting up on the meals isn't a bad idea, but I still need to feed us healthy food.

The junk is still fairly inexpensive, but junk is something I will not buy.

Time to take stock and fasten the belt a bit tighter.

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