September 13, 2010

Back to Floor Exercises

The last two days have not even been close to swimming days.

The air temps have not gone above the low 60's and it has been really damp and chilly.

I bet the water is still really nice, but we don't want to risk the chance of getting too chilled and catching colds.

The park is locked from now on, and we have to walk down to the lake - too far for getting out all wet and walking back in the cold air.

So - back to the floor exercises for me.

I haven't done them since the very beginning of summer, and I thought it was going to be tough.

I was quite surprised - I had no problem with any of them.

When I first made up this routine - about 10 years ago, it took weeks to be able to get through it - and the muscle pains almost had me immobile when I pressed too hard.

Guess the muscles remembered and didn't protest at all.

Perhaps the swimming helped, I don't know, but I won't complain!

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