July 19, 2010

Trying Gnocchi

Okay, Gnocchi is a new thing for me.

After seeing it on sale at the market, I decided to give it a try.

It sounded really good - basil was all through it, so that made it extra appealing to me.

It was the kind in a shrink-wrap, so I guess that would be considered fresh.

It smelled delightful as it was cooking - filling the whole house with that wonderful basil aroma.

The package said to serve it as a side dish with pasta sauce and cheese.

This variety was made with potato, which seemed a bit different to me to be putting pasta sauce on it.

It tasted really good, especially once the provolone cheese melted on it.

The consistency of it bugged me though.

I read where they are supposed to be light and fluffy.

Ours were thick and kind of chewy.

And they sat rather heavily in my belly.

Don't know if it was the gnocchi itself, or the way they were cooked - boiled in water until they floated.

But they didn't agree with me.

I am hesitant to try them again if this is how they are supposed to be.

I liked them, but they didn't like me.

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