July 12, 2010

The Pleasures of On Demand

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On Demand TV, that is something that is just not available in our area.

Living in the boonies like we do, it was a trade-off we decided on long ago to do without.

We don't even have cable TV, so when the stations all went digital and did away with analog broadcasting, we were left with only one channel on our TV.

Not much of a selection, but with the internet, there is very little that we miss in the news department.

The entertainment department is another story though.

I was reading online about this thing called On Demand.

Checking out the On Demand home page really had me thinking about this whole cable TV thing.

Those who are lucky enough to have access to it are no longer slaves to the TV.

They can watch any TV show or movie they want, when they want.

No more missing that favorite cooking or specialty show because it is on at the wrong time.

No more rearranging schedules to catch that so important workout show.

And if you miss a favorite show while doing those exercises, then you can just watch it afterward.

I think that is just too cool.

Retirement is peeking around the corner in the next few years.

Moving to a smaller place will be a priority for us.

And perhaps it will be in an area where this On Demand is available.

It's a small pleasure that we would both most certainly enjoy.

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