July 12, 2010

New Challenges

The BeeWell for Life website that I log my walking miles on each day has added another way to earn donations to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength program.

They have added a daily challenge that the members can complete.

It is usually a small thing - like so many jumping jacks or a certain kind of snack.

Sometimes it is interaction in the forums on the site or using other tools found on the site too.

They donate .10 cents for each completed challenge.

Just on the challenges alone, they have raised over $105 since June 1st.

For all the miles the members have walked so far this year they will donate $34,244 to the cause.

And we still have the rest of the year to earn more.

Check it out - it's free to join and the walking is oh so good - for you and for someone who needs the help!

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